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Dear mission friend,

Thank you for your support and generosity towards our ministry as we continue to move forward during difficult times. I am in awe seeing your heart towards our shared mission to bless the world. As we’ve said before, the darker the night, the brighter we need to shine, and you are shining!

Since we launched Destino.Online.Church in March, we have seen over 95 people commit their lives to Jesus, we celebrated 2 baptisms, 12 Destino Groups were launched online, our small group participation DOUBLED, and our Destino Institute now has local and international students!

This global pandemic has not slowed us down; actually the opposite: more people are being reached- near and far, disciples are being made, and communities are being transformed! Thanks to your radical generosity, we continue to bless countless families in need with food and resources during these challenging times.

In October, after a significant amount of prayer and preparation, we resumed our in-person services. We celebrated our 6th Anniversary in our new location that offers a generous space for kids and families. We continue to monitor government recommendations and best practices for gathering in a safe way. Our weekend services have been redesigned to create a touchless environment that allows for physical distancing. Like our redesigned weekend services, we’ve taken additional steps to keep our NextGen Ministry environments safe (and fun) for every family!

Although many wonderful things are happening, if I am honest, this year has been one of the most challenging years for me as a Pastor and leader. For the last 10 months, every week has required an overwhelming amount of planning, adaptation, and innovation to keep the ministry moving forward. However, I feel encouraged thanks to your prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support.

Destino Church could not exist without you. As we serve and love our community and beyond, it’s your generosity that makes this amazing ministry possible. For that reason, I boldly ask today:

Will you prayerfully consider giving a special year-end gift to Destino, above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings? In these dark times, we need to shine brighter than ever with the love, hope, and salvation of Jesus Christ.

We recognize that the pandemic is not over, and we need to continue adjusting as we go. We will have some Sundays where we will need to worship online only. Also, we’ll continue to host our weekly Destino Groups and Destino Institute classes online. We will continue to be the church. The way we do things has changed, but our mission remains the same.

Please make sure to have our Church App on your smartphone to access the latest Destino updates, as we may need to adjust our plans between Sundays. Every decision we make is out of love and not out of fear. I want you to know that your spiritual, emotional, and physical well being are very important to us. 


Let’s keep moving forward together, 

Pastor Mauricio Dell


Listen to the Messages from our new series "Not Afraid" starting this Sunday on our  Website,  Facebook o Podcast

This week, we invite you to join us by reading the devotional Anxious for Nothing using the YouVersion App on your smartphone. Invite others to join in as we read together.

Download Church Center App on your smartphone to not miss out on any updates/church news including new opportunities for connecting with others and spiritual growth. 

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