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Deeper in Christ. Further in Mission.

Get trained to fulfill your calling.

Destino Institute was born in 2018 with the desire to bring high-level theological studies to the latino community. To that end, we have created alliances with educational institutions that share the same goal.

Receive international credits.

All our courses are accredited through FIET (International Faculty of Theological Studies), with its headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Study from anywhere.

All of our courses are given online through Video Calls. This allows you to interact with the class from anywhere. Interact with other students, ask questions, receive your grades, all from the comfort of your place. 

Don't miss out.

If God has given you a call to serve him and prepare others for ministry, we will be honored to train you and accompany you on this fabulous adventure of reaching God's destiny for you!



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Introductory Course:

The Abundant Life

It is the # 1 discipleship course in the world. It is an ideal course for those who begin to walk with the Lord and prepare them for water baptism. It consists of 18 lessons that cover the main doctrines and disciplines of the Christian faith. 


Level 1:

Basic Theology Certificate

It is a comprehensive (historical-geographical) study of the life of Jesus. Its content is inclusive because it includes aspects related to other disciplines of human knowledge and Christian ministry: sociology, counseling, theology, methods of biblical interpretation, preaching, pastoral work, and mission.


Level 2:

Biblical Studies Certificate

The Certificate in Biblical Studies courses are an excellent resource for initial church leadership formation and for any believer who wishes to grow in the knowledge of God's Word and the strengthening of their faith.